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Made at a certified organic mill in Tunisia, this oil is made with whole      cayenne peppers crushed with certified organic Tunisian olives. This fused oil is concentrated and has a delightful aroma. It is “hot-sweet” and flavorful with rich, ripe pepper notes.  It’s floral and fruity with a kick. The lovely color is indicative of the abundant amount of whole, fresh peppers that are crushed and pressed with the olives.


Try with: Use as a condiment to kick up your potatoes and roasted vegetables. Adds a spicy kick to marinades and dipping sauces. Heats up a soup or stew.  Fry up a Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich like they do at Sweet Rust here in Ligonier!


Pairs well with: Raspberry White Balsamic, Dark Chocolate Balsamic, Peach, and Sicilian Lemon Balsamic.

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