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Blackberry Ginger

Blackberry Ginger

Our Blackberry-Ginger Balsamic is wonderfully sweet and pleasingly tart.  It’s redolent with the exotic, spicy flavor of ginger artfully married with rich, ripe juicy blackberry.  If you are looking for a pantry staple that will allow you to cruise from savory dishes to yummy desserts, this guy has you covered.


Try with: Delightful as a glaze on bbq chicken, yet adaptable enough to smother vanilla ice cream and sweet custard. Marinades blueberries and brie grilled cheese. Heavenly on brussel sprouts. Adds an authentic Asian dimension to stir-frys and reduction sauces. Also try a blackberry ginger moscow mule with a sprig of mint!


Pairs well with: Persian Lime, Greek Lemon, and Cayenne Olive Oil, as well as Toasted Sesame Oil.

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