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Black Truffle Oil

Black Truffle Oil

SKU: 632835642834572

Complex and elegant, the intoxicating aroma of rich truffles and fresh olive oil seeps into your senses. This intense truffle oil also boasts earthy essence and has hints of dry fruit. Made in Italy by true culinary artisans, there are no added extracts, oils, or flavorings to the Black Truffle Olive Oil. 


Try with: Decadent with creamy vegan macaroni and cheese, perfect with cavatelli pasta, and ideal with white pizza. Do as the Europeans do and try a truffled tequila cocktail or for a special treat, drizzle over popcorn! Pair with burrata cheese and fresh cherry tomatoes. Try air-fried truffled potato chips. Complements both egg and potato dishes beautifully.

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