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Country of Origin: Greece

Crush Date: Oct 2021


​Grown in the mountains of Greece by Bethel Park’s own Liokareas, this medium intensity EVOO enjoyed a super early September harvest! It is beautifully balanced and perfectly complex. It displays notes of creamy artichoke, apple and tropical fruit.


Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment:

Fruitiness: 5.5                Bitterness: 4.2               Pungency: 4.3


Chemistry *at the time of crush

Biophenols*: 378.7ppm

Oleic Acid: 74.1

A-Tocopherols: 272.1

Squalene: 3893.0 ppm

FFA: 0.28

Peroxide: 5.8

PPP: <1.0

DAGs*: 93.9

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